Classic Appetizer
Ginger Garlic Prawn 675
Corn Flour battered prawn cooked with Chinese spices
Seafood fritti 695
Penko crumbed seafood serve with chilli mayo
Drums of hell 395
hot and spicy chicken wings with mild oriental seasoning
Indonesian chicken satay 375
Indonesian spices flavored chicken skewers served with peanut sambal
Sesame Fried Pork 425
Stir fried hot sesame pork
Crumb fried chicken 420
Crispy fried chicken nuggets with tartare sauce
Chilli Tossed American Corn 295
Batter coated corn quickly stir fry with chili flakes and spices
Black Pepper Mushroom 325
Stir Fried mushroom with black pepper sauce
Crispy Tangy Potatoes 375
Deep-fried battered julienne potatoes, mixed with lemon and spices
Haas Ko Chhwela 575
Boneless Norwegian duck;grilled and spiced up in Nepali style
Chicken/Mutton Sekuwa 380/550
Marinated meat(chicken/mutton) barbequed in traditional Nepali style
Spring Rolls Veg / Chicken 320/400
Deep fried veg rolls filled with julienne vegetables / chicken
Mushroom/Paneer Chilli 375/420
Veg/Chicken Momo 300/375
Traditional Nepali Dumplings
Chicken/Prawn Chilli 425/650
Grilled Chicken/Prawn sauteed in Nepali spices and chilli
Mustange Aloo 320
Butter tossed potato with red chilli,szechuan powder and salt